Welcome to the Maurits van Nierop Foundation website

Maurits’ family and close friends have set up the Maurits van Nierop Foundation,
one year after his tragic death at the age of 25, on 24 September 2008. Their aim is to continue in the vein of this wonderful person, who, during his life, was a talented sportsman and a great friend.
There was never a dull moment with Maurits. Maurits van Nierop was born in Cape Town on
11 May 1983, and died there on 24 September 2008 after a tragic accident. The Maurits van Nierop Foundation was established to keep Maurits´spirit alive, and is run by his friends.

During his life, Maurits loved to play sports, and cricket and hockey in particular. The Foundation’s goal is to raise funds for African children who do not have the opportunity nor the financial means to play sports. The Foundation also supports children with learning disabilities.

Maurits van Nierop was a gifted athlete. He was a member of the Netherlands´ national cricket team and played hockey for national youth teams. Maurits was a lovable young man, with a strong sense of justice and always ready to help others, particularly those less fortunate.

Sports played an important part in Maurits’ life. To honour this, the MVNF aims to raise funds by organising events, such as fundraising dinners, cricket and hockey clinics, sponsored runs, auctions, fishing contests, golf tournaments etcetera.
With the funds acquired, the foundation supports projects in the Cape Town area. These projects offer children from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to take part in sports activities and to develop their talents.
Maurits was severely dyslexic, which troubled him badly throughout his life. Another aim of the MVNF is to support underprivileged children with learning disabilities.